Small Business Insurance

Our agent will share all of the tricks of the trade.

Trick #1: Open an extensive small business insurance policy.

Mitigating risk and protecting your company from losses is essential. You’ve spent months prepping your business for launch day. Now that you’re ready to go, we’ll do our part by opening your small business insurance policy. Call us today to talk through your policy options. Our local Massachusetts insurance agent looks forward to helping you.

What does small business insurance cover?

While shopping around for the lowest insurance rates, B. Miller will build a policy that covers:

Personal injury

Many companies face lawsuits for slandering clients or releasing confidential information.

Property damage

A storm can ruin your storefront,  and clumsy employees can break valuable equipment.

Data loss

It’s expensive to replace a server and recover data, but B. Miller can reduce the cost.

Bodily harm

Slip and fall accidents are a tradesman’s worst nightmare.

Workmans comp

Make sure you and your business are properly covered.

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